Pamporovo Lift Pass

Wonderful choices for a family vacation with Pamporovo ski pass

A winter vacation in the mountains skiing, having fun in the daylight and warming beside the fireplace in the evening arguably is one of the best ways for a family to spend some time together. Many resorts known for their strong activity during the cold months try to sculpt a profile of a “mummy, daddy and the tribe” friendly type of resort so it’s not an easy task to gain some recognition. This is why the mention of Pamporovo among the top 10 options for a winter family vacation – a selection made by the British newspaper “The Guardian” draws more respect for the Rhodopes located resort. The atmosphere and the combined value of the Pamporovo ski pass, equipment hire, and accommodation play a key role for the Bulgarian winter centre to gain in popularity every year.

And the fact that the cards are the “pay for one, use two” type adds more points of attractiveness to the Rhodopes complex. Except for the main resort, the Pamporovo lift pass includes also the access to the slopes of the nearby Mechi Chal skiing zone in the vicinity of Chepelare. The connections between these two areas, for now, is performed by shuttles – so-called Ski Bus, who is available on 15 minutes interval in the morning and every half an hour in the afternoon.

The more, the merrier… and cheaper

Pamporovo Ski Season

The bigger the clan is, the longer you plan to stay, the cheaper gets the price of the Pamporovo ski pass. A plain comparison explains the situation. Two parents and one kid pay 368 BGN for three days, less than 190 Euro or just above 20 Euro daily expense for a person. For the same number and configuration, 9-day Pamporovo lift pass will cost 938 BGN or 480 Euro, below 18 Euro for a person per day. It gets even better for the 5-member combo of mama, papa and three children – 528 BGN for three days (18 Euro fee for a person per day), 1342 BGN for a 9-day vacation (15 Euro for a person calculated to one day expense). It’s important to know that for all type of Pamporovo ski pass the prices listed are valid for children older than 7 and younger than 12 years. The teenagers are considered the same as adults, at least in terms of the fee for the slopes, while the minors who haven’t turned seven rides for free.

Charters flights in the winter make it easier to reach Pamporovo

The main setback regarding the Rhodopes resort is the lack of a good and close airport connection. Many planes land in Sofia every day but the capital is 230 km away – at least three hours by bus or car. The nearest airport is located in Plovdiv, approximately one hour away. And while it operates on a really small scale, this winter there it will easily accessible by charter flights from several points in the UK, including London-Gatwick, East Midlands, Manchester to name some. Except for affordable Pamporovo ski pass every family will look for comfortable accommodation for a good price. Some of the best offers to stay can be found here – For example, a week-long vacation for 4-member tribe starting from the first Saturday of 2018 the cost of the hotel could go below 250 GBP if you book on time. And winter is here, there is no time to wait!