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Eurotrip advice: go for the all-inclusive deals this summer!

A journey covering a great number of places or a settled stay on a fixed resort for a week or two. What would you prefer for the summer break of 2018? While the type of vacation largely depends on your temper and the way you feel to rest at best, our Eurotrip advice points to the all-inclusive deals. Package holidays will save you the unwanted thrills and uncertainties regarding the accommodation. On top of this choosing Montenegro all-inclusive picks, for example, will add the sense of adventure and will feed up the never-ending curiosity to discover uncharted land.

Destination: Balkans

While it’s East indeed, it’s still Europe. Not entirely the in Western style and outlook but still close enough. Mentioning all-inclusive Montenegro option wasn’t actually a random pick – the Adriatic coastline will charm any visitor who hasn’t come across the dazzling grace of that region. Even the pictures coming with the propositions from Balkan Holidays might convince that the western shores of Balkan Peninsula make the must-go list. The greatest Montenegro all-inclusive resort is to be seen in the face of gorgeous Budva with the nearby Becici deserving to be considered too.


Speaking of Adriatic Sea, you would probably think of all-inclusive Croatia pick anyway. No wonder that country is being largely linked with the Western Balkans seaside holidays since the total coastline sums up to nearly 1800 km – six-fold the mileage of Montenegro. Starting north from the Istria region in the north and reaching to the endless and curvy shores of Dalmatia, there are so many beaches to be discovered


It will take time to name every resort on the coast. Considering an all-inclusive holiday to Croatia you will come across lots of names of villages and towns ion the Adriatic line that you have never heard of but any deserve not only the mention but the visit too – Orebic, Jelsa, Porec, Cavtat, Korcula. It might be hard for a Brit to pronounce any of these names but booking a stay will bring you not the hard times – it’s quite the contrary. Have in mind thinking of all-inclusive Croatia deal that the demand for the most famous site on the sea – Dubrovnik, is enormously high but check the Balkan Holidays list every once in a while and you might be happy to find an available suit to book.


The Black Sea is more affordable

balck sea holidays

While no one would argue about the beauty of the Western Balkan coastline, Bulgaria all-inclusive options deserve serious consideration too. The Black Sea might not be that picturesque as the Adriatic but also provides with dazzling views and with nice sands – Croatia shores are mainly rocky. Speaking of sands – Golden Sands represents one of the best choices to head for all-inclusive holidays to Bulgaria. The most common name for the UK tourists is Sunny Beach, and Nessebar might be seen as the country’s answer to Dubrovnik on a smaller scale though. Albena and Pomorie also have cheap deals if you look for a resort to reserve all-inclusive holidays in Bulgaria.