How Jane got her Nexus Card renewal?

Hi, my name is Jane. I love to travel south to the beautiful New York City. Where I live in Canada is so quit and green that sometimes I just want to escape to the big city. I like to travel with my car. There are some difficulties when I do that though. That’s the traffic on the border side. However, I found a quick and easy way to pass that test. A friend of mine suggested me to buy a Nexus Card. I have heard about it but I have never really gave it a thought. I knew that Nexus Pass can really speed up my traveling crossing the border experience but that was it. Then I finally visit the first website on the google search and I found many services that offered that kind of service. They were many different in price ranges. So picked up the cheapest one and really it does not matter at the end because you receive the same Nexus Card. My choice was a company called Global Trusted Traveler and they charged me $75 what was fair compared to other sites that wanted as much as $125 and more.

Five years later I am really happy to have Nexus Card. I believe that I have saved hundreds of hours waiting on the borders. However, my Nexus pass is about to expire and I really need nexus renewal. I wandered how would I renew my nexus card? It did not take much thought to find the email that global trusted traveler sent me years back and go back to their website. The process was explained very simply and briefly and I just go to their nexus application form and filled fields as I did initially when I was applying the first time. I took me few minutes and then it was all set and done. In few weeks I was initially approved for nexus renewal and I received my new nexus card on mail. The cost of Nexus card renewal was the same as before but I did not have to go to interview again. Hope that information helped you in any ways and if you travel often or even you travel more than twice an year Nexus card is worth it.