Hotels in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria: How to grab the best value?

Choosing to embark on summer holidays to Sunny Beach is the base move to get the best value in a first place. It should be like that if we believe the research conducted last year proclaiming the leading Bulgarian resort as the top choice regarding the ratio of money spent on quality. If the detailed survey of Post Office that covered nearly 50 prominent seaside destinations around the globe isn’t enough persuading then follow us in this article to learn more about the hotels in Sunny Beach.

Try to find a cheaper accommodation on the beach


Seriously, the Black Sea coastline delivers the opportunity for much more affordable rooms than other Balkan countries not to say about the Mediterranean resorts. And the Sunny Beach hotels welcome the guests with great conditions and in a respectable manner. Check literally THE BEST options here to make sure the suites available in the top Bulgarian seaside resort look great and undoubtedly worth the money or actually are cheap for this level of quality.


What you have to consider wisely to receive overall satisfying Sunny Beach summer experience is the type of accommodation that suits you better. Scrolling through the availabilities you have probably noticed that in Slanchev Bryag there are shocking prices reaching as low as 170 GBP. But have you been cautious enough to see that these are self-catering reservations and the food is not included in the bill? Surely, eating a lot in the heat of the summer might not be the greatest strategy for a nice vacation. The self-catering isn’t bad for people who don’t like to stay a lot in their room and love to improvise during the holidays. Anyway everybody will need at least one meal a day or rather likely – not less than two, so it’s worth thinking of such type of accommodation that includes some food even if it’s only the breakfast.


If the agenda is to book the best-valued opportunity we should point to the all-inclusive options offered by the Sunny Beach hotels. „But it is twice the price of the cheapest picks!“, argues a voice of someone who hasn’t got the bottom line in the previous paragraph. Yes, going on the package summer holidays to Sunny Beach means that you have to pay more for the accommodation but there are MORE THINGS INCLUDED in the service. Food three times a day with no limitation of how much you can eat, free coffee and tea, even the local beer is not charged. In this case, a guest from the west will need to spend nothing or some significantly lower amount of money outside the chosen from the list of hotels in Sunny Beach.


But the prices are low everywhere


Once again, the Post Office survey got it clear that a tourist pays less in the leading Bulgarian seaside resort out the room too. The daily expense in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria has been calculated to less than 40 GBP, 50 percent less than the second in the ranking Algarve, Portugal. If the food is granted by the booking it doesn’t mean you cannot taste any meal in a restaurant outside. Having fun in the aquaparks, going for a night out in the disco – it’s your choice what to spend your money for. But you will definitely spend less going on summer holidays to Sunny Beach.