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Booking a summer holiday to Bulgaria? Check out these 11 brilliant tips for best vacation!

Heading to the eastern edge of Europe – if this is your agenda for the summer holidays, it may work out really well in 2018.

Black Sea coast represents one increasingly alluring option for the western tourists. The Brits have fallen in love with Bulgarian beaches and the country looks like providing the golden ratio of the price paid for the quality. In the name of places like Sozopol or Nessebar Bulgaria will give you more than sunbathing and relaxing in the salty warm water which is great of course.


Maybe you don’t any advice especially if you already happened to visit the country during the hottest time of the year. But in case of considering to visit the Black Sea sands for the first time in 2018, we will try to make it easier for you with some essential tips.


1.Book a flight to Varna or Burgas, depending on which part of the shore you choose. Varna stands in the north and is a convenient option when you book Golden Sands or Albena. Looking for southern resorts of Bulgaria – Nessebar,  Sunny Beach or Pomorie, to name some of the most prominent places, it will make sense to catch a plane to Burgas. Sure, the biggest number of flights land in Sofia but the capital stands 350 km away (at best) from the coastline.

2.Make sure to find a transfer from the airport to your destination. If you book an apartment in Varna or Burgas, then picking up a taxi after the plane is appropriate. But exclude the cab as an option if you are about to reside further from the airfield – the fee might burn most of your holidays budget. Find a shuttle bus in advance.


3.Reserve your room or suite up front. Don’t rely on the belief that there will always be some vacant spot waiting for you. In the heat of July and August, the most popular places become crowded


4.Actually, on every bus station near the Black Sea, you might stumble on aged local women holding a hand-written plate that offers available rooms. You may hit a deal but it’s a gamble and better do not risk to end up in a shack. There are plenty of decent Sozopol or Nessebar hotels which available to be booked long before the season starts. And the best purchases you can really rely on are to be found through Balkan Holidays, one of the most trusted tour operators in the area.


5.It’s never too late… till mid-September. After that, the biggest part of the Bulgarian beaches is not that welcoming except maybe for the southernmost villages like Sinemoretz. And April is too early – it’s not Mediterranean or the Maldives, for God’s sake. But late-May or June, or early-September holidays in Bulgaria may be a wonderful choice to avoid the crowds and to enjoy the warm weather.


6.The Black Sea is sometimes unpredictable. Strong winds and high waves occur around the shore – well, not dangerous but enough to ruin a day or two if you happen to choose a wilder place. But Sunny Beach or Nessebar beach, for example, represent the safer options where the weather is fine most of the time and the water is calm.


7.The beach. Renting a parasol and a sunbed will cost about 5-7 GBP per person for one day. You can bring your own equipment but you are allowed to place it further from the water.


8.No matter where you have chosen to spend your summer break in Bulgaria, the chance to have that loud and funny guy yelling all around the place is huge. He will try to sell you boiled corn but buying an ice-cream from the nearest store or bar is probably a better option.


9.And when you are hungry, the menu is long. Many restaurants provide with local and Balkan meals, fast food is everywhere being it a hot-dog, pizza, doner kebab, you name it. Fish and seafood look like the natural choice in the time of Nessebar holidays or St. Vlas vacation but most of it is not of Black Sea origin so it’s likely to be cooked after defrosting. Fresh fish surprisingly is hard to find – there is plenty of it… but after the season is over.

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10.Beach holidays does not mean you have to spend all your time on the beach. If you’re interested in sightseeing, Nessebar Old Town attracts with the spirit of ancient times. Being a UNESCO World Heritage object that section of the city is actually a small peninsula connected to the mainland by a tiny strip you can walk on.


11.Learn some Bulgarian phrases. Or talk to younger people during your holidays. In bigger cities like Varna and Burgas, there are probably more people that can speak somewhat decent English. But on the streets of Pomorie or the beach of Nessebar Bulgaria will not meet you with that much local people able to have a proper conversation with. But the most simple words and phrases are known to everyone.