First Nations, and power

I've spent the previous few days despairing, but also trying to grow within hope.More so than either of those feelings, I've been sleeping on ideas hoping they'd bloom into plans.Nothing yet, but I'll share what I've been contemplating.First Nations as a people need to achieve power, and also seize it. We cannot achieve any meaningful reform in Canada as we now are. We are, succinctly, powerless. We have no influence.Idlo No More has illustrated this in great detail.

Day 20, December 30th, and Chief Spence still starves; Idle No More

This is crossposted from my diary at MyFDL: Day 15, Christmas Day, and Chief Spence still starves; Idle No More. It will be updated below the original (and slightly revised) post.For whatever reason, I’d chosen to write to an audience outside of Canada about Canada and First Nations. About Chief Spence. About poverty. I had no well-developed reason, other than I hope to drum up further support for my people, for Spence’s people, for Canadians, and the environment.

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