Do you feel that you need to do something to improve you travel experience?



It is easy to stay the same and not change anything but most of the times change is not just good but a must. What do I mean? Stefan is a Canadian citizen and he lives near Niagara Falls. He loves to spend time with his family and they often travel together. They love to visit USA because of its sights and entertainments. He has two children, the small one is 3 years old and the other is 10. Their children are big fans of Disney Land (are you kidding me, who’s not). So they go every month to the States with their family car to visit some of their favorite places. For a long time they did not realize that they spend a lot of time crossing the border. Sometimes that could be an hour, sometimes on holidays it could be 2-3 hours. The time spend waiting is precious for the family traveling experience and is not a necessary.

Till one day a border police suggested them to apply for nexus application for family. They have heart about Nexus program before but did not realize that this traveling program can improve their traveling experience. Moreover, they can save hours of their time and spend it in family activities. They can save over 100 hours of waiting a year and create so much family memories just by having a Nexus pass.

So they bought each member of their family a nexus card and for a small fee they improve so much their traveling/crossing the border experience that they said “We love Nexus program, it’s the best thing that happened to us for a long time.”

Be smart and open minded traveler. Seize those opportunities that can save you time. It can be just a traveling card or something else that can save you so much time and make you remember more family times than border crossing times.

Nexus card interview

Congratulations! You have made it through the first stage of the NEXUS Canada or U.S. program, now you are off to the second part of the application – the interview.

The interview for the NEXUS pass is important because it will confirm whether or not you will be a likely candidate. As intimidating or scary as an interview may sound, its important to not see it like that. Its important to not put too much pressure on this part of the application – rather you should see it as like when you are at border security and the guards are asking your questions.