Are you enjoying family time traveling?

Nexus pass for family

All of us have a family, some have a small other have big ones. Most of us love to spend time with them and one of the things we can do is to travel together and build great memories. There are few things that are better than that and for the most people there is nothing more pleasant to travel together with your family.

So when you plan your vacation down the south somewhere into the States or you go up to the North into Canada. You want to have fewer obstacles to your journey with your love ones. And most often than not there are few things than might make your experience traveling a little bit bitter because of many small things like traffic or flat tire.

There are really many things that you cannot plan in advance but there are also many other that you can do to make your and your families travel experience unforgettable one without the small things that grimace their faces.

One of this small things when you are crossing the border from Canada to USA. Sometimes you spend more time waiting than the actual time spend on the road. Thanks to the mutual program of USA and Canada called Nexus Pass you can go through the border in fast manner on the dedicated lines for Nexus members.

What Nexus card does is to save your time basically. However, when you travel with your family it is not enough just one person to have a Nexus card. All the passengers must be Nexus card holders in order for you and your family to pass the border on the Nexus Lane.

That also is valid for your children. No matter of their age they must be part of the Nexus program in order to cross the border with you. No worries this program is free for children under 18 years of age. The cost of nexus card for family might vary in accordance of the age of all family members but basically for an average family it will cost you about $100 for a background check and $200 for the service fee. So you can prepare grand total of $300 bucks that will save you so much time for the next 5 years that you will be more than happy to renew your nexus card again.

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