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A blog to take on the real RAG (Rightwing, Absolute Garbage) pieces that are printed in Winnipeg's press. This blog will house analysis and commentary on relevant social, political, and economic issues distorted by the RAG machine.
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Harper MisGovernment blind to social factors of MMIW

Mon, 09/15/2014 - 09:18
Another not so great moment for Canada under the Harper MisGovernment. Our federal government is at least acting clueless to the social basis behind the obscenely disproportionate numbers of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW).

(Via Truth Mashup)

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FIPA coming down the pipeline ...

Sun, 09/14/2014 - 13:04
... and, as the Vancouver Observer's Jenny Uechi points out, it should raise many red flags. For example, because there wasn't consultation with First Nations the Canada-China trade deal might be unconstitutional.

Free, prior and informed consent has never been a strong suit of the Harper MisGovernment, though.

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#GordNation admantly against Transit Choices now!

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 08:30
Two birds of a feather? Gord Steeves and Scott Fielding.

Image Source: Twitter
Gord Steeves and Scott Fielding are two rightwing city politicians that are alumni of Katz's inner circle - the Executive Policy Committee (EPC).

Both distanced themselves from Sam Katz yet, like our Mayor in the past, both want to stall on rapid transit.

They stand for the sad status quo of having a rapid transit line running only halfway to the the U of M.  This is a project which had a shovel ready plan back in 2004.

After years of dithering we got half the project done and have been promised $375 million in federal and provincial funds. Gord and Scott want to stall on this, which  may jeopardize the funding.

 So, we must ask ourselves, who are these clowns?

A history of bad moves and even worse ideas

Gord's in the news now for his mayoral campaign, which features a radical Hard Right agenda that includes selling off city assets and enacting even more draconian measures against the downtown downtrodden than Winnipeg's already infamous for.

He stepped down as councillor for St. Vital in 2011 to run for the provincial Conservatives in the Seine River ridding. Unfortunately for him he got trounced by over 8 percentage points by Dipper Theresa Oswald in the middle class, south end riding.

Scott Fielding, by contrast, quit Sam Katz's EPC as various (politically toxic) boondoggles came to light. Fielding was noteworthy as a potential candidate for leader of the Manitoba Conservatives who decided not to run. Scott's also noteworthy at the local level for spearheading a petition against completing the (half-finished) Southwest Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line until some indefinite point in the future. Predictably, rapid transit supporters had a field day over it.

The flip flop & endorsement

Two weeks ago - on August 25, 2014 - Fielding came right out and endorsed Gord Steeves for Mayor. When I reiterated how dumb of an idea it was to stall on the half-finished Southwest BRT line  - which includes $375 million in earmarked Federal and Provincial funds - Scott chimed in with this enlightened response:

@The_Analyst1 @gordsteeves ya and I told you you are completely wrong and that our roads need to be fixed first...
— Scott Fielding (@ScottFielding25) September 2, 2014
Gord Steeves was once a supporter of finishing the southwest BRT line. Regrettably, in the course of running a radical Right campaign he's flip-flopped. While he supported getting the job done on the BRT line in May of this year he announced on August 22 that he wants to call a quits now to focus on (non-rapid transit) infrastructure.

He made it even clearer in a September 4 tweet.

Image Source: TwitterThe take home

Two elite politicians oppose getting the job done on the southwest BRT line. Under Gord Steeves we'll have a half-assed BRT line, running only halfway to the U of M, indefinitely so we can focus on "infrastructure".

While these elite politicians tell us that they want to focus on "infrastructure" now they ignore that the rapid transit line is infrastructure and a very critical type at that. They also ignore that the transitway project includes $175 million for road and sewer repairs.

If you want to send a message to folks who'd jeopardize a project years in the making, feel free to sign the petition for real road relief and transit choices.

Winnipeg City Council: Support real road relief through transit choices & halting new suburbs.

 Let's show the pols Winnipeg doesn't like half-assing stuff.

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