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Powerful Boys Caught With Illicit Toys….

Mon, 08/24/2015 - 12:50

Today (August 24, 2015) no referring back to any specific  media  stuff…only some thoughts on  something in the news  that  makes me crazy…and no, this time, it isn’t Stephen Harper…

I am  listening to the  news while on the computer, and the story about the Ashley Madison  hack  is being trumpeted as the possible cause of two alleged suicides, with police  chiefs  trumpeting their horror and anger about the hackers, and threatening to track them down and prosecute  them…really?

Where was/is all this righteous indignation in the face of the  growing numbers of missing and murdered aboriginal women?  You know, actual murders, kidnappings  etc?

One  cannot help but wonder if any of this chest-thumping over an execrable  site for  cheaters who don’t have the stones to be up front with their partners would even be happening if it wasn’t for the fact that, as usual,  powerful men are  involved, their personal ‘business’ out there for all to see…if it had been a site  where women were vulnerable,  what sort of impact would that have had on the news?

Imagine  the pressure on the police and the MSM to  somehow  make it all go away…pathetic…