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Telling It Like It Is……

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 18:14
When I served, the Israeli military was the most moral in the world. No more

Once there was widespread Israeli outrage over the bombing of homes in Gaza. Now there is just indifference

  • I have been waiting along time to read something like this..and of course, comments were closed by the time I found it..still, absolutely worth reading.
  • Here is a woman who could, with a certain moral force,  speak the opposite of what we read here, and  be supported in that stance.
  • This  opinion, this blog, will surely cost her, but she  obviously felt that she had to speak..and I am so grateful for her  words.  Anyone reading this who can still justify what is happening, the  genocide  that Israel is practicing on civilians, on children,  in Palestine must be insane..or as, she says of the Israeli population, indifferent.
  • All my Jewish relatives and acquaintances are always horrified when I equate  the situation with Nazi Germany, with the apartheid  decades in South Africa…Could they read these words and still believe the  lies that Israel, along with the right wing governments who support  that country(Canada and The US, talking to you) keep  telling us via the media?

Corporate Bullies, Then and Now……

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 08:05

Big box bullies: Discount pricing squeezes small suppliers: Dianne Buckner Selling to big chains like Target, Wal-Mart a mixed blessing when they demand a discount

By Dianne Buckner, CBC News Posted: Jul 25, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jul 25, 2014 5:00 AM ET

Nothing new here, folks…you can move on…

As a child, I  was  handed over to my father on weekends, like many others.  One of the things that sometimes happened was that, on the way to his  home, we would stop in at small machine shops that did contract work with the big aerospace companies where my father  worked as a quality control engineer…I actually enjoyed being fussed over by all the  men, sat on a high stool and fed cookies while my father  spoke with  the manager or inspected small shiny silver parts of machines that  of course I had no knowledge of..

As I got older, my father told me about how many of those  small shops got  what he called ‘bushwhacked’ by companies like S**rs,  that would contract them for vast amounts of goods, to the point that they were working exclusively for the large  store, only to get told that they had to deep discount, or else…many of them, with no other contracts  and entirely reliant on  the big store with the big contract, went under…Others were forced to  lay off  workers who had been with them for many years.

And so it goes..my father’s point was that when I  asked why he refused to shop at S**rs, was that their ruthless behaviour  resulted in the loss of employment for many  talented tradesmen, and that made him mad…he pointed out that ‘house’ brands  of various  companies were in fact made by small contractors, and that the  resulting discount demands meant that  not only was there a loss of jobs in the US,  but that  the products, now built overseas, were no longer worthy of the good reputation for dependability they once had…all this happened back in the 60′s….

And now?  Nothing changes, does it?