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The Cowardly Party of Canada.

Fri, 09/04/2015 - 13:52

In the past decade, this Canada, the one that we have slid into- is a lot crueller, and a lot more mean spirited.

What would happen to cause a country that was at least working towards some modicum of equality, fairness and justice to go back towards the dark ages?

Part of it is money. 

You feeling the income gap? The income gap is a great thing for corporations and Governments that want to scare the crap out of working people. Corporations get their labour for much less as there are so many grasping at jobs that have little hours, low pay and no benefits. Survival is an amazing motivator. 

Give those same corporations massive tax breaks and create deficits, while those same corporations take manufacturing jobs away, and stockpile their money elsewhere. 

Cut programs and services to give paltry tax breaks to "regular Canadians". The Harpercons have convinced some people that saving eg:$120.00 on their tax bill is more important than funding medical care, the social safety net and education. They tell us that those who have lost their jobs to shrinking manufacturing, is all their own fault.

They call Employment Insurance an "Entitlement", yet we all pay into it- it is our own money.  Deny claims. And then take the money to pay for the corporate tax breaks. 

Abandon the disabled, make them jump through hoops- like proving every year that a limb has not grown back, or that they have not suddenly been cured of a mental disability-every year. Enough souls will fall through the cracks that the cost savings is probably significant. 

Part of it is hate. 

Hate of those who we do not understand, a hate fostered by a Government that awards large no bid defence contracts to corporations so we can send war to far away countries so they hate us more.

Bills like C-51 that allow that same Government to pry into the private lives of citizens with little oversight, that discriminate against "others". Many will simply tell us that those who have nothing to hide, should not be bothered by this. 

Part of it is misplaced jealousy. 

Someone is getting something I don't have! This applies to the Union and labour busting forces. This also applies to refugees and other immigrants. 

Part of it is that so many are believing lies, and not verifying. 

Now, the Government of Harper would like us to believe that they are the stewards of the economy. Only they can save us from recessions and depressions. But since most of their own policies have brought us to that state, it is laughable. Well, it would be if so many were not so gullible. There are many who buy the manufactured economic record of this bunch of maroons. 

What do all of the above categories have in common? 


We have turned into a country full of cowards, being run into the ground by a party of cowards. 

Where's Joe Oliver when the media wants to ask questions on the economy? He is hiding, just in case. During an election no less. 

Where is Chris Alexander when there is a massive outcry about the Humanitarian refugee crisis in Syria?? He likes the privacy of an airport lounge, during an election. 

Why is Harper so petrified to appear in public without all the players being vetted? Why is he scared to participate in a real debate?

They are scared that the Sciences may tell the truth about the environmental destruction of the planet, so they muzzle the scientists and destroy the data we need to make prudent decisions.

They are scared that Canada could adjust to a green economy, jobs and clean air. This will harm the corporations that pay their bills. 

They destroy the long form census because they are scared that the facts will interfere with their story of Canada, filtered through media.

Concentration of media ownership is of grave concern, but it allows the message the Harper Government wants to deliver to be far more uniform. These media outlets routinely endorse the Harpercons during elections.  They tell us that the "other parties" are radical or socialist. We must fear what they will do.

What they are really telling us, is that we must fear change. We are told this every day. 

Fear has always been a tool of those in charge to get what they want.....

Personally, I don't want to spend the rest of my life under my bed. How about you?


Time for a regime change. 

Late night ruminations.....The soundtrack.

Sat, 08/29/2015 - 22:43

I am reading a lot of news items that I saved in all my tabs this week. Im still around, you betcha.

Number one on my "fun" list. Wonder how the AM team learned they had been pwned?

This was on their PC's. Now THAT, is fucking class. Of movie proportions.... 

 Yesterday (Aug. 24), journalists attending a Toronto press conference surrounding the Ashley Madison leaks wondered why they were being handed AC/DC lyric sheets. 

The hard rock legends were the unwitting soundtrack of choice for the online criminals. The press conference revealed that when employees of the dating-by-way-of-infidelity website logged into their computers July 12, they were greeted to a message from the hackers accompanied by AC/DC's 1990 song "Thunderstruck." 


Number two, the Harperman story. Gotta love it, muzzling those you think that you own. 

Bonus. The actual song....



Finally.......Because I am in the mood...Always relevant.