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Arrrrrrrrr! Ahoy there mateys!

Fri, 09/19/2014 - 09:16

It is International talk like a pirate day! 

So beware all ye landlubbers and Scurvy dawgs! 


We be flyin' the ACR IPD flag! Raise a glass and sing a bawdy sea song!





I did not have Intercourse with that financial group!

Tue, 09/09/2014 - 20:57
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman....."

 -Bill Clinton

Before we begin:

in·ter·course ˈintərˌkôrs/ noun  
  1. communication or dealings between individuals or groups.   "everyday social intercourse" synonyms: dealings, relations, relationships,association, contact

So yes, I am correct, if you thought summin else? Tsk tsk.....  

And this strikes me as a Bill Clinton kinda whopper. 


From the Really? files:

A leaked contract shows that B.C. Premier Christy Clark once served as chairwoman of a B.C. company she now touts on official government business, raising concerns over ethics and conflict of interest.

Did she or didn't she?

The Premier initially denied any relationship with RCI Capital Group and Mr. Park. “I don’t have one,” she said before acknowledging that “He’s been on a couple of trade trips with us.” The B.C. Corporate registry in Victoria shows that Ms. Clark was registered as a director of the company alongside Mr. Park.

Someone toggled her memory switch however, with some of that dreaded......Dun dun dun dun.....DUN!  DOCUMENTATION.

The Premier did not elaborate until she was shown the contract on company letterhead bearing her signature. “Did I tell you I was never paid for any work and never did?” said Ms. Clark, before clarifying that she was a company director.


This gets better.......Oh yes you knew it would?

In 2007, while Ms. Clark was chairwoman of RCI Capital Group, the company was also a client of Burrard Communications – according to a leaked Confidential Government Relations Plan prepared for RCI.

Provincial records show that Mr. Marissen, along with lawyer Andrew Wilkinson, were lobbying the B.C. government on behalf of RCI Capital Group. Mr. Wilkinson was appointed by Ms. Clark to cabinet in 2013.

Also mentioned was her connection to a Lobbying group called Burrard. 

Clark's ties to the lobbying firm for Enbridge appeared to have ended entirely when she became Premier, but she later raised eyebrows by appointing Ken Boessenkool, a former Enbridge lobbyist and advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as her chief of staff in 2012.  


I think Ms. Clark has had intercourse with multiple financial groups and lobbying firms.  :) I ponder, if it would be a good idea to look into the resumes of all her past appts more closely? We may then get a great idea of which financial groups and lobbying firms they were.