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Dear Rob Nicholson: you are a sanctimonious blowhard Chickenhawk GIT. RANT MODE ON.

4 hours 48 min ago

 In yet another Bush moment.......

fucking git

The only form of recycling that the HarperTools believe in, recycled rhetoric.......

"ISIL has declared war on Canada," Nicholson said. "By name, it seeks to wage its jihad against our people. No matter how these facts are communicated, Canadians know that the leaders of the opposition parties will dismiss that and with that, they [are] dismissing Canadian values."

My values? Mine are just fine. You, are a warmongering, divisive moutarde. Your values?

The Addams family has better values than the Conservative party of Canada. 

How DARE you tell me that because I am not interested in bombing countries, that I am dissmissing "Canadian Values." 

You have no fucking strategy, do ya? Just blow shit up. WIth the same relish as the farm film report celebrity blow up. The fact that this bullshit has been going on for years in Iraq and Afghanistan and that the same "strategy" you all are using here, has only served to make things worse.

Rob and Steve discuss their next goal for the election.....

No matter how many will die that are not even remotely connected to any terrorist organization. No matter how many of our young men and women may die, or get thrown to the wolves if they make it back. They can then sit and wait for the Harper Government to let them rot. 

But this is a perfect time to ramp up the fear of course. The economy is in the shitter because the Conservative Tools of Canada placed all their bets on the tarsands and PIPELINES and now that seems to have gone boom. Sorry it wasnt more sparkly for ya. You sold our manufacturing sector down the river on a paper boat, and that fucker is sunk too.  Austerity for thee, but not for me is the Conservative mantra.  There is money, if you are in advertising or want a tax break for your large corporation that can be socked away instead of investing in the economy. 

But now, it is an election year, so you have to have something divisive and terrible and fear inducing to scare all your hard core base to the fucking polls. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIEEEEEEEEE!

One day, I hope to see a lot of ya frogmarched in Orange jumpsuits for the harm you have caused to my country. 

My values? They are just fine. 

You? You are a contemptible asshole. And so are all your little friends. 

And to all those that are buying into this schtick? GO READ A FUCKING BOOK OR A PROPER NEWSPAPER. You look Stupid. 




The meteorological misadventure that dare not speak it's name......

Wed, 03/25/2015 - 15:43

This is getting as silly as can be. If these people dribbling the silly were not so amazingly dangerous....

There are actually people who will vote for an outhouse if it has a GOP elephant on it. (Similarly, the big ol "C" for the Republican franchise here in Canada)

This is how Scott got in in Florida, and Cruz was elected in Texas. 

In Florida, it is now an "unwritten" rule that no one can say the words......Climate change. (Herin referred to as "limatecey hangecey") It is like sticking your head up your ass so you cant hear it, or calling Bloody mary in front of a mirror apparently. Say "climate change" three times while standing in front of an Oil refinery will bring it on? 

Sorry. It is already here. 97% of scientists pretty much agree in unison on this one. Big oil funded politicians listen to the three percent who say nay. Think tanks are working hard to further this discussion as though it is a matter of "opinion". All of their followers lap it up. 

What happens to those who break the Florida rule?

An employee of Florida’s environmental protection department was forced to take a leave of absence and seek a mental health evaluation for violating governor Rick Scott’s unwritten ban on using the phrases “climate change” or “global warming” under any circumstance, according to a complaint filed against the state.

State officials WILL NOT say the limatecey hangecey words, even to the point of hilariousness, which is what made this video so funny.


Upside down thinking. It also reminds me of all the stories out of the Soviet Union and other politically repressed countries. :)

Considering that Florida is probably going to be hit harder than many other places by limatecey hangecey, their denial is kind of self destructive. Very self destructive actually. 

And that brings me to Ted Cruz. Yanno, the dude that read "Green Eggs and Ham" in order to Fillibuster the Senate on Obamacare. Which of course, everyone likes now, so it seems all the more deliciously ironic to mention it.......

So ol' Ted, who has also a supporter of the "birther" tea party,  (another scrumptious ironic bit! as Ted's lack of self awareness makes him fierce to the point where it seems almost like a mutant testosterone leak)

I must admit, I like being able to pass along Beiber, Dion and Cruz to the US'ians. Thank you USA!

Last week, Jerry Brown who is the Governor of California said:

"What he said is absolutely false," Brown said. "Over 90% of the scientists who deal with climate are absolutely convinced that the human activity, industrial activity, generation of CO2, methane, oxides, nitrogen, and all the rest of those greenhouse gases are building up in the atmosphere. They are heat trapping. And they are causing not just warm, drought in California, but severe storms and cold in the East Coast. So it's climate disruption of many different kinds. And that man betokens such a level of ignorance and a direct falsification of existing scientific data. It's shocking and I think that man has rendered himself absolutely unfit to be running for office."

Of course Cruz wants to make this even more apparent, he stirs up his most righteous indignation, he winds up, he PITCHES......

Speaking on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Sunday, Cruz said that Brown and other proponents of action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change engage in “ad hominem attacks” and “don’t want to confront the data” on climate change. Cruz said that satellites are showing that warming isn’t happening, even though “apocalyptic computer models said that we would see substantial warming.”

And his spitball pretty much acts like a boomerang. He presents debunked information, again.

He says, in esscence that he looked out the winder, and yonder there was SNOW! Add Narcissistic Nationalism to the list of Cruz traits. Cause yanno that the USofA! is the only place in the world, worth thinking about anyway. There was snow on the ground. In the USA.   limatecey hangecey is a hoax. 

And so it goes. And as the GOP goes, so go the Canadian Harper Republican franchise. 

I always think to myself....Lets say the scientists are wrong. (they aren't) Lets also say that we did what they say is the best course and turned to a green energy economy.  We took steps to mitigate or at least survive the effects of our late action on limatecey hangecey and the next generation had something to build on.  Jobs, economic stability and cleaner air ensued!

If they are right, (they are) we have only made improvements, there is no downside. 

The last bit would happen no matter what. The Oil companies would be the only losers.


Lets say they are wrong (they are)  and we face a bleak future of food shortages, energy shortages and war. We face storms and cold winters and hotter summers. With no airconditioning. We see human migration and suffering on levels of umimaginable tragedy.

If they are right and there is no limatecey hangecey, we just face more of the same here. Food shortages, energy shortages and war. They are already happening. 



C-51. Yes, it really is that important.

Sun, 03/15/2015 - 13:25

Here at ACR and many other blogs, we discuss the news of the day and tend to make our opinions known. (Yes. I know. Real life has interfered way too much so the world has been saved from my rants lately)

But that new bill, C-51?

It will take your right to your own opinion and make it open to the interpretation of a spy state. No tin foil hat stuff. This is the real deal. 

If you have an opinion that goes against the will of the Oil companies who are bankrolling the Conservative MP's? You will probably become a person of interest. 

Don't want to drag Canada into another war situation and dare to speak out? You will be on a list, somewhere. Your private life will become a shared story across Government departments. 

"This bill disproportionately targets indigenous communities, environmental activists, dissidents, and Muslims, many of whom are already subjected to questionable and overreaching powers by security officials, [and] will make it easier and ostensibly lawful for government to continue infringing upon the rights of peaceful people," the website states.

You can become one of the dissapeared, held with no charges and no way to communicate to the outside world. No fly list? You got it baybay!

Now, the Liberals are supporting this dreck, while Justin Trudeau is also taking up hypocrisy. Bill C-51 is harmful to Canadians who also happen to be Muslim. JT  stood up recently and derided Harper for "deliberately fostering prejudice against Muslims".  The Liberal.ca site tells us they want fairness and transparency, while they are about to vote for fascism and an Orwellian state. Anyone still supporting that party needs to think hard on that. 

You cannot have it both ways. The Liberals go onto the asshat list.  The NDP is on my wishy washy list. 

Mulcair? He is against C-51. After he stood and took a reading of the way the wind was gonna blow. You betcha. 

We are on our own here. Majority Con Govt, with a whole bunch of asshats in support. How do you think this will go down? Charter challenges usually win on the side of right. Sadly, they take years and we can go a lot further down this rabbithole in the meanwhile. 

 Heh. I still remember the times so many told me that the bullshit that Bush pulled after 911 could not happen here. Why not? Because Canadians would not stand for it! 

Seems to me that many just decided to bend over. There will be no lube. Just sayin.