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This was a little more than "abrupt"

Sun, 03/29/2015 - 22:49
Air Canada says “hard landing” — passengers say “crash landing”

A minor quibble in the larger scheme of things, but I found it offensive that Air Canada would try to "spin" the Halifax crash as merely a "hard landing".
The plane came in too low and slow, touched ground behind the runway, hit a landing guidance tower that sheered off the landing gear and the nose, bounced onto the runway, then skidded through the snow losing engines and breaking the wing. If it hadn't been for the snow, the plan might well have caught on fire.
And the RCMP apparently heard about it when one of the passengers called 911.

I think in any other universe that "hard landing" would be considered a crash. #Halifax #halifaxairport

— Peggy Blair (@peggy_blair) March 29, 2015