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Appreciating Good Fortune

Northern Reflections - Wed, 07/13/2016 - 04:55
Britain is in crisis. The United States is roiling. But, in Canada, we're pretty sanguine. Lawrence Martin writes:

In Canada, it’s the 1960s in an entirely different optic. None of the rage and tumult. Rather, a new harmony. As we hit 150 years, with our relative unity, peace and prosperity, it’s akin to the time of the centennial. Crises elsewhere make us look even better. A haven of stability and hope.

Just like 50 years ago, there’s a Camelot North aura brought on by a new-styled leader. On Pierre Trudeau’s ascension to power in 1968, The London Spectator wrote, or rather hyperbolized: “It was as if Canada had come of age, as if he himself singlehandedly would catapult the country into the brilliant sunshine of the late 20th century from the stagnant swamp of traditionalism and mediocrity in which Canadian politics had been bogged down for years.”
In the UK and the U.S, baby boomers are making their last stand. In Canada, the torch has been passed to the next generation:
The Canadian advantage is not just in avoiding the fracturing in the United States, Britain and elsewhere. Rather, we’ve crossed a threshold. With this government we finally have given the boot to the baby boom generation, a generation which has dominated Canadian life for four decades.
Today’s government is young not just by age but in spirit and, by contrast to the venomous partisanship of its predecessor, attitude. The United States is about to elect a president who will be 69 (Hillary Clinton) or 70 (Donald Trump). Britain’s soon-to-be new leader, Theresa May, is turning 60. In neither country will the thinking at the top be at one with the mindset of the new generational wave.
The well-aged political leaders, particularly those on the right, sustained much of their support from old whites or those with old white attitudes. They mock Justin Trudeau for an alleged lack of substance. The younger generation would tell them about his substance; that it is racial tolerance, that it is gender rights, that it is preserving the planet, that it is social justice for native people, that it is open and fair democracy.
One would be wide to remember that what happens in Britain and the United States eventually makes its way here. But there is no law against appreciating our good fortune. 


Hissy fit on #ERRE committee

Creekside - Wed, 07/13/2016 - 02:57

in which CPC MP Blake Richards uses up his timeslot on committee to berate the Liberals for not reading out twitter questions submitted by the public about holding a referendum ... instead of just reading those questions aloud himself. 

As noted by the Chair, the purpose of this Electoral Reform Committee meeting was to question and hear testimony from former Elections Canada CEO JP Kingsley. 

Richards is replacing Jason Kenney on the #ERRE committee while Kenney is off saving Alberta. 
When the idea of allowing public input to the committee via twitter was first proposed, Mr Kenney dismissed it as :
"We are not here to be conduits for twitter or other platforms of social media in which there is sometimes a robust and vulgar public debate..."Perhaps this explains why Mr Richards declined to read out those twitter questions himself.

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the Young Americans

Montreal Simon - Wed, 07/13/2016 - 01:24

Well he took his time, and it couldn't have been easy.

It was probably the hardest and most painful thing he has ever done.

But Bernie Sanders has finally done what he had to do.
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from the front lines, day nine

we move to canada - Tue, 07/12/2016 - 19:22
We had quite an eventful day!

1989 making noise!!!

The cacerolazo was awesome! We had so much fun banging and honking and marching. We were loud and proud -- and you know our Employer was listening! Thanks to everyone who helped make this special afternoon/evening happen.

Once again, we had great support from CUPE Ontario and the Peel District CUPE Council, along with several people from my own activist network.


Based on all the cheques that the payroll team wrote, almost three hundred members picketed last week. That is the highest turnout we've ever had -- for anything -- that I'm aware of. And that was before many members returned from their vacations! Well done!!

CUPE summer of the strike

Currently 1989 is one of four CUPE locals on strike, and several more on the verge of walking out. This level of fightback has not been seen for a long time. Striking is contagious -- other locals look on and say, hey, that's an option, maybe we need to take that route. If you're curious about the issues, try these links: here and here.

Thanks for being so awesome. See you out there!

With love and solidarity to all,


P.S. Photos!














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