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Stephen Harper and the Great Con Adoption Scam

Montreal Simon - Fri, 08/21/2015 - 01:09

It's Stephen Harper's latest desperate plan to try to soften his image, and make himself more popular.

By buying more votes with OUR money. 

But sadly for him there's something terribly wrong with that picture.

And it's just more Con fraud.
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The Soul of a Monster

The Disaffected Lib - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 23:32

The Vancouver National Observer's Warren Bell dissects the dark and rotten soul of the worst prime minister in Canadian history, a diabolically-inclined despot.

We all need to read this to grasp what we're up against in this election, the soul of a monster.

Duffygate: Benjamin Perrin Demolishes the Harperite Conspiracy

Montreal Simon - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 17:56

Benjamin Perrin had only been the PMO lawyer for a year before the Duffy scandal erupted so he wasn't part of the Con cult.

He never drank the Koolaid.

So today when his turn came to testify at the Duffy trial he let the truth fly. 

And managed to knock down Stephen Harper, Nigel Wright, and Ray Novak. 
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The human 'superpredator' is unique -- and unsustainable, study says

Metaneos - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 15:22
Los Angeles Times
I can't imagine the world in ten years time. Twenty years. It'll be different. As different as the world was even in my own childhood. As different as the world was from my parents' childhoods.
My elders speak of our role on this Earth as caretakers. However, we've abandoned this role in favor of materialistic pursuits. Of finite beliefs that will quickly degrade into ash when stressed, as heated glass touching cold water.
All cultures historically warn us away from over-indulgence, and yet our own modern society celebrates this behavior as exemplary. This self-interest is our fatal flaw.
We take what we want, and we give nothing. This cannot last.
There are limits on this Earth we cannot comprehend in full. It is simply too vast. However, what little we do know should terrify us into acting more responsibly, even if only marginally. However we do not even do that. Our leaders urge us on to continue on as we have done. This cannot last.
Eventually, soon, we will begin to suffer wholesale consequences of our selfishness. We may suffer not even from the direct impact of climate change, but from the externalities, as a patient suffering from an autoimmune disease dying from a common cold. Drought and famine are the obvious culprits we face in the coming years, but also from increased storms, and harsher weather patterns. Algae blooms are an impact we do not understand in full, but the little we do illustrate such blooms can devastate whole regions.
Over hunting as the article illustrates is a small yet dangerous impact on our ecosystem. We hunt, now, not for safety nor for food, but for sport. Such is indulgence. Such is our desire for immediate gratification, that we would upset entire delicate ecosystem balances for a mere trophy on a wall. The myriad of ways the disappearing of even one animal from a food chain cannot be overstated.
I do not know how the world will change, but I do know how we ourselves should change. We should full stop what we are doing, and walk ourselves back. Reevaluate what we are doing. What is modern is not necessarily always good. What is good may be warped, as a tree growing up and out from underneath another fallen tree. Can we reign in our self-destruction in time? Or will we be stopped in full by the Earth as we slam down hard from our fall when it comes? I would like to say we can grasp our future in our hands, but for now, it looks as though we will fail.

So Much for the Myth of the "Smartest Man in the Room"

The Disaffected Lib - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 14:45
NemesisPrime minister Shifty is infamous as seeing himself as the "smartest man in the room" in his dealings with others, especially his staff. Somehow this numbskull convinced himself and his followers of that (and, no, I didn't set out to draw comparisons between Harper and another despot from the other side of the Atlantic in the 30s and 40s even if Harper currently finds himself in a spot remarkably similar to the bunker that other guy found himself in during the early summer of 1945).

There's a word for this affliction of arrogance.  It's called Hubris. It's a term from ancient Greece that means extreme pride or self-confidence. Think of it as a precursor to madness. The old Greek gods found it offensive and so they invented something to punish it, Nemesis.

Does this sound familiar?  From Wiki:

Hubris is usually perceived as a characteristic of an individual rather than a group, although the group the offender belongs to may suffer consequences from the wrongful act. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence, accomplishments or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power.

I think that's pretty much got Shifty to a T.  That "loss of contact with reality" is on display every day when this prime minister fends off questions about the previous day's evidence in the Duffy trial that directly contradicts Harper's own narrative. He doesn't just "lose contact with reality" but rejects it outright when he dismisses the statements of his own inner circle given to police investigators and now, under oath, before a court of law.
According to the Special Counsel to this prime minister, Shifty overestimated his own competence and capabilities when he decided, despite his lawyer's advice to the contrary, that simply owning property in another province made the owner eligible for appointment to the Senate.  Who needs the restraints of informed decision making when you're Furious Leader, the Smartest Man in the Room?
It's his own, absolute arrogance that got Harper in this mess. He thought he was above the rules, above the law and from that wobbly perch he issued decrees that would destabilize his administration.
Oh yeah, about that other thing, the yin to the yang, Nemesis.  Put simply, nemesis is the divine retribution visited upon those who succumb to hubris. You might remember Nemesis as the Goddess who really screwed up Narcissus and that other fellow, Hitler (damn, I did it again. sorry). It seems she's now hovering over our very own Prince of Darkness.
As the trial grinds on it grinds down our prime minister, even in the eyes of his own supporters.  Nemesis has Shifty by both lapels and he can't get away, he's stuck just as Narcissus was stuck at the reflecting pool.

Harper and the Conservative Third Option

The Disaffected Lib - Thu, 08/20/2015 - 14:02
Even the National Post gets it.  The Duffy trial doesn't mean much to Stephen Harper in terms of New Democrat and Liberal supporters.  They weren't about to vote Conservative this October no matter what.

The Duffy trial matters enormously to Harper when it comes to Conservative supporters.

If you’re a core Conservative supporter, however, you are in one of three camps. In the first camp, you believe in the party. You will get out and vote blue no matter what “scandal” swirls around the prime minister, because the Conservatives are always better than the alternatives. You probably think the press makes this scandal stuff up: journalists are all bleeding hearts, or worse, based on some recent grassroots comments. And what politician doesn’t lie, anyway?

In the second camp, you believe in Harper. You like his agenda, his bearing; more than this, you think he is a man of his word. He delivered on his promises, and then some: the budget is balanced, you’ve cashed your extra family allowance cheques, and you’re topping up your TFSA. He looks like he belongs on the stage with other world leaders, and you can trust him for four more years of good government.

In the third camp, you believe in conservative principles. You’re a “small-c conservative” someone who has read Edmund Burke, or at least heard of him; you like your government minimal, your freedoms respected and your politicians honest. You have a hard time voting for a socialist and you can’t respect anyone who admires a communist dictatorship. You might not agree with everything the Tories stand for, but you still have faith that a small-c conservative light will shine through, however dimly.

It is the latter two camps that are proving problematic for the Conservatives in the wake of the Duffy trial. Small-c conservatives such as writer John Robson had already publicly declared that they cannot vote Tory this time around, based on the party’s lack of principle. Former Conservative representatives such as Randy White are questioning their loyalty as well. And now, Western conservatives are grappling with the Duffy testimony and what it means for the reputation of the prime minister and the values of honesty, integrity and transparency that they thought he represented.

If the Conservative base loses faith, it does not necessarily mean losing votes to the competition, but it could mean a third option: not voting at all. And in a three-way race, apathy is something the party cannot afford. Every vote matters, and while the prime minister can shore up the base with pronouncements like “life means life,” he cannot risk losing supporters based on his person and his principles. For the Conservatives, the only good news is that they have a long campaign to make amends. The bad news is that they have yet to seem interested in doing so.

Every sentient Canadian who has read any of the documents any of the evidence from the trial knows that every time Stephen Harper opens his mouth, declares he knew nothing about Wright-Duffy until he read it in the funny papers, and makes the preposterous claim that it was all a scandal involving just two miscreants - Nigel Wright and Mike Duffy - every time he repeats these things they know he's either lying through his teeth or he's become so unhinged that he can no longer discern reality from fantasy.
For the good cross-section of the Conservative base, the second and third camp, everytime he opens his mouth and repeats this idiotic mantra, it's like rubbing ever more salt in their wounds.  For the non-aligned voter, the group that holds no fealty for any party, the smell of this must be nauseating.
Then there's the core of Tories still pining for the good old days of Progressive Conservatism.  Sinclair Stevens of the Progressive Canadian Party says these old schoolers are on the warpath seeking to bleed away support from the Harper Cons to tip the scales in favour of the Liberals or New Democrats.
"Our feeling is that if we have a credible candidate, they may take enough votes so that the Conservative won't make it," Stevens said. "That may sound like we're supporting the Liberals, but our feeling is -- in this case -- the Liberals are better than Stephen Harper."


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