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The Choices Bloggers Make

Politics and its Discontents - Sun, 04/06/2014 - 05:55

Yesterday I put up a post entitled Apocalyptic Scenes, which featured a video clip of severe storms in the U.S. The Mound of Sound, currently on hiatus from his blog, The Disaffected Lib, left a comment about the relative dearth of bloggers covering issues such as climate change. The Mound, if you have read him, has consistently provided exemplary and comprehensive coverage of what undoubtedly is the greatest threat to our species' long-term survival.

Here is what I wrote in response:

One of the many things I miss about your blog posts, Mound, is your comprehensive coverage of climate change. I do try to keep up with the topic by subscribing to Google alerts, something you suggested to me some time ago. I suspect, however, one of the reasons for the less than stellar coverage of climate change in the Canadian blogosphere is twofold and related:

Much coverage is given to the Harper regime, a topic I must confess a certain obsession with. I think because an election is coming next year, much energy is being devoted to exposing his cabal's myriad crimes and hypocrisies because we hold the very real hope of regime change. We thirst for something positive in the relative short-term, even though I am fully aware that either a Trudeau or Mulcair government would offer little or no substantive policy change.

Concomitantly, climate change, although the most pressing threat we face as a species, is such a large problem that resists mitigation. The fact is that successful amelioration would require unprecedented co-operation on a global scale, co-operation that seems highly unlikely given both our natural antipathy to ceding authority to other bodies and regulators and our endless capacity for denial and cognitive dissonance. Add to that the failure of our 'leaders' to inspire in people the willingness to make the sacrifices necessary to avoid catastrophe.

Ousting the Harper regime in the next election, by comparison, seems like child's play, and a much more realistic goal.
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Has the Time Arrived for a Canadian Spring?

Montreal Simon - Sun, 04/06/2014 - 03:48

Well I think I can now OFFICIALLY declare that Spring has arrived in Simonville, the small humble corner of Canada where it's never Harperland.

And I must admit that all I feel like doing is climbing on to the old boathouse roof, stretching out my arms like Jesus, giving thanks to the merciful Gods of The Great White North, and soaking up the sun.

But this is shaping up as a Spring like no other. 

Because everywhere I look in Canada I see signs of rebellion, as ordinary Canadians mobilize to defend their democracy...
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Sheila Fraser and the Attack of the Con Rats

Montreal Simon - Sun, 04/06/2014 - 03:27

I'm sure Sheila Fraser knew when she called the Con's Fair Election Act an "attack on democracy" that the Cons would come after her like a pack of rabid rats.

And sure enough, as I pointed out in my last post, the Cons are trying to smear her. 

But if Pierre Poilievre, the leader of the rat pack, thought he could intimidate her, he must be very disappointed and very desperate.

Because there she was on CBC Radio today. Gently, but firmly, taking his bill apart again...
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whither wmtc

we move to canada - Sat, 04/05/2014 - 15:00
I feel so disconnected from this blog, and from writing in general. I hate it.
I love having this blog. I love that when I do want to write, and have the energy to do so, and have something to say, I have a place to do it. But writing occupies such a small space in my life now. 
I'm finding tremendous satisfaction from my job. Meaningful work from which I can actually earn a living! What a concept. I've also gotten very active in my union. The need to protect good jobs and the public sector has never been greater, so the timing is perfect, and I feel I have a lot to contribute.
When I'm not working and not engaged in union activities, I'm re-charging. That means movies or baseball, sometimes reading, and trying to get some exercise. I've been very pleasantly surprised at my energy level. I'm very conscious of managing my fibromyalgia, but that's second-nature to me now. I know when to say no, or to cancel plans if I have to. If I do feel a little fibro-ish, it never lasts too long or becomes too severe.
All good. 
But writing! Where is writing? I knew it was coming. I knew it was inevitable. But it makes me too sad to think of this part of myself shrinking and disappearing. 


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