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Ferguson: the Trayvonning of Michael Brown

Dawg's Blawg - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 19:37
The Chief of Police in Ferguson, Missouri, held a press conference Thursday morning, and spent most of his time talking about a petty robbery allegedly committed by Michael Brown, shot dead later that night by Officer Darren Wilson, who had... Dr.Dawg

Adios "El Presidente" Perry

The Disaffected Lib - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 17:45

Texas governor Rick Perry's presidential aspirations could be over.  The New York Times reports a Texas grand jury has indicted Perry on two felony counts of abuse of power.

At the heart of Perry's legal woes is a district attorney and corruption buster, a Democrat, who was arrested for drunk driving.  Following the DA's arrest, Perry threatened to use the governor's veto power to block $7.5-million in funding for the anti-corruption unit unless she resigned.  Perry followed through with the threat.

A non-profit group filed a complaint alleging Perry had misused his powers in order to coerce a public servant.  Perry doesn't seem to dispute what happened but maintains what he did was a legitimate exercise of the governor's powers.  The grand jury seems to have agreed with the complainants.

A Public Service Announcement From The Conservative Party Of Canada

Politics and its Discontents - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 17:45
Given the Harper regime's new-found zeal for warning all of us about the dangers of marijuana, and, coincidentally, the equally dangerous potential of a Justin Trudeau-led government, perhaps the following will help them to bring home the dangers of both:

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Julian Fantino, Justin Trudeau, and the Marijuana Baloney Meter

Montreal Simon - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 13:45

Well as you know Julian Fantino is the worst Veterans Affairs Minister this country has ever known.

An incompetent bully if ever there was one.

But now he has a new cause. Saving us and the children of Canada from the dastardly Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau cannot be trusted with our safety. He's soft on crime, pro-marijuana legalization, & now consorts with religious extremists.
— Julian Fantino (@JulianFantino) August 6, 2014
And it couldn't be more disgusting.

So I'm glad to see that Trudeau is finally firing back. 
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It's Our New Normal - It's Yours and Mine. Now Let's Deal With It.

The Disaffected Lib - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 12:48

Every morning Google Alerts delivers to my inbox a digest of the day's stories about flooding.   For several years I've begun my morning sorting through these and other alerts to which I've subscribed.

Over the past two years I've noticed significant change in the flooding alert stories. What has come to dominate the flooding stories is flash flooding.  It's the same story wherever it happens.  A massive rainstorm parks over one area, sometimes just one city, and delivers a "once in a hundred year" deluge that quickly overwhelms storm sewers and leaves streets and entire neighbourhoods awash with torrents of flood waters sweeping down gullies and ravines.

What are these immensely destructive severe weather events teaching us?  One important lesson that we still choose to ignore is that the infrastructure we designed and built during the 20th century is not up to the 'new normal' of the 21st century.

Our environment in the 20th century shaped what we built, how we built it and where.  We laid out our neighbourhoods and streets and designed and constructed core services based on the environment of the day.  While we were busy doing that we did not foresee that there would be a much different, more challenging environment by the early part of the 21st century.  We had no idea.

British Columbia's west coast, where I live, is the wettest area in Canada.  Some spots average 12 to 14-feet of rain annually.  You can't live here and be a stranger to heavy, sustained rain.  That said, my town got hit with a squall that brought rainfall like I've never seen.  An inch and a half of rain in just 18-minutes.  As quickly as it began it stopped.  The interesting part is that my town, which normally has no problem with heavy rain, was overwhelmed.  There were cars floating downtown within a couple of hundred yards of the beach.   If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

Now the Christian Science Monitor is asking whether these deluge-triggered flash floods are the new normal.

As people clean up after torrential rains and heavy flooding in cities in the Midwest and along the Atlantic Coast, the events highlight what many climate researchers say is a new "normal" for severe rainfall in the US. 

Quite apart from what long-term changes in precipitation say about global warming, these events also provide a reality check on the ability of urban areas to cope with flooding from intense downpours in a warming climate.

As we saw last year in Calgary, these flash floods can cause immense damage to buildings, to essential infrastructure and to commerce.  Roads can be washed out, bridges can be compromised, light rail lines can be buckled, sanitary sewer systems can be overwhelmed.  This sort of flooding can be extremely challenging to local officials and law enforcement and can leave provincial and federal governments with enormous costs for disaster relief.

Even if structures can survive one flash flood, they can't endure too many recurrences.  Some centuries-old villages in rural Britain have already announced that one more flood and they're finished.  It's just too costly to save those great heritage buildings from centuries past.

This morning I discussed sea level rise with our city engineer.  Our municipality is working on a "storm water master plan" that focuses on predicted rainfall curves.   Consultants have been retained to advise on the sea level rise factor, the second half of the double-whammy.  The city engineer said that we're expecting to see more of these monster-intensity squalls like the one that recently hit the town centre and they're expected to worsen in intensity, duration and frequency. Fortunately for us the sea is nearby so it's a matter of channeling flood water through conduits to the ocean.   Inland, as Calgary demonstrates, it'll be a different story.

When I asked the city engineer what the province was doing for coastal communities, he said virtually nothing.  The provincial government has apparently downloaded responsibility for sea level rise and flooding issues to the affected municipalities and regional governments.  There is no unified programme for the coast and islands.   The amount of duplication and wasted money this must cause is ridiculous.  Perhaps that's why the provincial ministries have been so cool to my attempts to engage them on this.

The engineer also confirmed that the consultants are working with the old, and now questionable, estimate of 1-metre of sea level rise by 2100.  That was the figure tossed out by the IPCC back when the Panel was warning that the Arctic could be seasonally ice free, also by 2100.   Now the US Navy has determined that the Arctic will be seasonally ice free by no later than 2019 and possibly as early as 2016 which means those IPCC estimates are out by more than 80-years.

We can't respond to these flash floods with disaster relief measures that we would have used in the past.  When a "once a century" severe weather event becomes a once every two or three years storm, no government can afford to continuously raid the treasury to write cheques for reconstruction.  Instead of shoveling money into rebuilding structures in time for them to be destroyed in the next great storm, it might be better for all concerned to assist property owners to simply relocate to less vulnerable areas.

The first step is to analyze and define this "new normal."  That's obviously not welcome to governments that don't want to discuss climate change when they need that time to focus on extracting and exporting high-carbon fossil fuels as quickly as possible.  Yet nothing our government's do will help us hold back the sea or clear those storm clouds and nature is not going to work on their schedule.

Stephen Harper and the Case of the Missing Job Numbers

Montreal Simon - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 12:27

OMG. All hail Great Merciful Leader !!! It seems that Statistics Canada has been saved from a horrible fate.

After a long search, and a lot of heat, it has found the missing job numbers. 

The Canadian economy created 42,000 jobs in July – not 200 as mistakenly reported last week by Statistics Canada – as revised numbers beat market expectations.
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Praising Stephen Harper

Politics and its Discontents - Fri, 08/15/2014 - 12:26

Now that I have your attention, let me assure that I am not the source of that praise. No, a site called Breaking Israel News is. Drawing heavily upon a piece written by the Ottawa Citizen's Mark Kennedy, it offers the following effusive approval of Stephen Harper:

The support he has shown for Israel has been absolute and unwavering for the entirety of Harper’s career, so much so that it has spread to many others within the political and social hierarchy of Canada.

For his support, Harper became the only foreign dignitary to have received the Key to the Knesset and who was termed as a true friend of Israel by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Kennedy accurately explained that Harper stressed that conservatives understood “the notion that moral rules form a chain of right and duty, and that politics is a moral affair,” unlike the “modern left” — which had adopted a position of “moral neutrality”.

Harper fully believes that it is in Canada’s and the rest of the western world’s best interest to support Israel and to do what is morally right. After all, the only state in the Middle East that shares the same fundamental values which Canada’s conservative party stands for is Israel. And as Harper said in 2003, “Conservatives must take the moral stand, with our allies, in favour of the fundamental values of our society, including democracy, free enterprise and individual freedom.”

There is a comments section at the end of this propaganda exercise. The majority are along the following lines:

Praise God for Prime Minister Harper that has the integrity, character and guts to stick by Israel and the Jewish People. Prime Minister Harper is a man of strong faith and is acting on the Bible/Torah where is says I will bless those who bless thee, which speaks about Israel and the Jewish!!!

Thank you Prime Minister Harper for taking a stand and remaining steadfast no matter what is flung at you. And I say Amen to that!

Proud of my Prime Minister.

However, some Canadians have tried to set the record straight about our domestic martinet:

I am sure to be dismissed but as a Canadian, who converted to Judaism long ago, I completely and wholeheartedly disagree with Harper's opinion and staunch support of those who run Israel currently. Zealotry is not appealing in anyway, racism and fascism should not be supported nor condoned.

The current climate and tolerance demonstrated by Israel in no way represents democracy nor freedom. If one were to remove the country of origin from the stories and have them read, there would be few who would support or even justify the actions of the Israeli leaders currently.

Since fair and balanced commentary is always desirable, perhaps some of you might also like to weigh in with your assessment of Mr. Harper. I already have.
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