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Trump Has Spawned a New Art Genre

The Disaffected Lib - Thu, 10/13/2016 - 10:54
Could this be why they're called "deplorables"?

A Running Tab - Trump Follies

The Disaffected Lib - Thu, 10/13/2016 - 10:44

It's getting hard to keep straight the accounts being levelled at Donald Trump by women who say he took sexual liberties with them.  To this end, is going to maintain a running tally.

Trump spent this morning at a campaign rally apparently devoted almost entirely to denying his accusers' allegations and divining a Clinton conspiracy behind them. Not entirely sure that's the best use for the Republican nominee's time with the election less than a month away.

A Beauty Queen Speaks Out

The Disaffected Lib - Thu, 10/13/2016 - 09:41

Donald Trump knows how he likes his beauty queens - naked and mute. After his bizarre attacks on a former Miss Universe, another contestant, a former Miss Arizona, Tasha Dixon, has given an interview in which she describes Trump casually walking into a room full of pretty girls who were either naked or half naked.

The upper house of New South Wales is right. Donald Trump is, indeed, a "revolting slug."

Australian Pols Divided on Donald Trump

The Disaffected Lib - Thu, 10/13/2016 - 09:30

Former Harper BFF and deposed prime minister, Tony Abbott, thinks Donald Trump is basically okay and says most of Trump's supporters are not "deplorables."

Abbott seems to be a majority of one. In New South Wales, however, the upper house has passed a resolution condemning Trump and designating the Donald "a revolting slug."

Trump Supporters Latest Pitch? "Repeal the 19th Amendment"

The Disaffected Lib - Thu, 10/13/2016 - 09:04

Some diehard Trump supporters are taking to Twitter to support the repeal of the 19th amendment to the US Constitution, the one that gave women the right to vote.

Their reasoning that, without women at the polls, Trump, instead of trailing Hillary Clinton would be sailing to a smashing victory on November 8th by a 350 to 188 electoral vote margin.

If only women could vote the tables would be turned by an even larger margin of 458 to 80 electoral votes.

Hmmm, I wonder how much larger Trump's margins would be if only he was able to repeal the 13th amendment too, the one that abolishes slavery.

Ah, those were the days, right Donald?

New column day

accidentaldeliberations - Thu, 10/13/2016 - 09:02
Here, on Regina's upcoming municipal election - and the need for voters to break with expectations to elect a municipal government far more willing to stand up for its constituents than the one we've had in recent years.

For further reading...
- Elections Regina's main page is here. David Robert Loblaw is providing a handy central resource site here. And the QCIB has the tape from the one mayoral debate so far here.
- Geoff Leo reported on the City's suppression of a report on provincial downloading during the election campaign which would have offered the public a chance to do something about it. And the Leader-Post's editorial board weighs in on the problems with the City's actions.
- Finally, Tiffany Paulsen notes that Saskatoon faces much the opposite situation confronting Regina voters: it has a hotly contested mayoral race, but virtually no competition for the council seats which will have the voting power to set the city's direction.

"Pro-woman" Fetus Freaks Support Trump

Dammit Janet - Thu, 10/13/2016 - 08:32
Out of the bizarre spectacle that is the 2016 US presidential election, the most (darkly) amusing aspect to a reproductive rights blogger is the fetus freaks' unswerving endorsement of the misogynist self-confessed serial sexual assaulter and child-ogler as their man.

Anti-choice groups have worked hard over the past few years to re-brand themselves as pro-woman, like ProWomanProForcedPregnancy, aka the Astroturf Blog of Focus on the Family.

They contend that abortion is bad for women and, as champions of all things womanly, it's their duty to point this out to us benighted broads.

But pro-woman/Pro-Trump is a rather difficult circle to square, yes?

Let's have a look at how they're attempting this feat.

On the matter of the grab-them-by-the-pussy tape:

In a press release yesterday, Newman and his Operation Rescue colleague Cheryl Sullenger—who has spent time in jail for attempting to bomb an abortion clinic—slammed the tape release as a “gutter-level attempt by the Clinton campaign and its cohorts to smear” Trump before declaring that it is in fact Planned Parenthood that is “perhaps the largest abuser of women in the U.S.”

“It is clear that the biggest abusers of women are Hillary Clinton’s friends in the Abortion Cartel. If she is elected, women will suffer even more,” added a quote from Sullenger.("Abortion Cartel" is a new one on me.)

Right. Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton are the largest abusers of women in the US.

The fetal gore guy, Van Maren, explains at LieShite, under the title The Uncomfortable [boy howdy] Truth about Christian Support for Trump.

Sure, he says, Trump was "pro-abortion" until he needed to pander to fundies saw the light, is an adulterer, has a framed copy of Playboy on his office wall, and "talks about women in ways that no Christian can accept."

And sure, Trump is playing the Xian right for the gang of mooks they are, but Hillary is worse.

Van Maren sums up:
The Left is sure that Trump would end the world as they know it. Christians fear that Clinton would turn the United States of America into a hostile nation for them to live in. And thus, the two sides will never see eye-to-eye.Because Obama and Clinton are demons.

We look forward to the election's aftermath and the inevitable "unspinning" of the freaks' support for this "uniquely unqualified" candidate.

Well That's Certainly Awkward

The Disaffected Lib - Thu, 10/13/2016 - 08:28

Four Republican members of Congress who denounced Donald Trump and retracted their endorsements of their party's presidential nominee have now retracted their retractions.

The quick reversals back to Mr. Trump’s camp vividly illustrated Republicans’ predicament as they grapple with a nominee whom some of their core supporters adore, a Democratic candidate their base loathes — and a host of voters who believe that Mr. Trump is self-evidently unsuited for high office.

In Alabama, Representative Bradley Byrne, who said flatly over the weekend, “It is now clear Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States,” insisted to reporters on Wednesday that he had always said he would “be a supporter of the Republican ticket from top to bottom.”

“I’m a Republican,” Mr. Byrne said. “I don’t vote Democrat.”

The Last Person Standing

Northern Reflections - Thu, 10/13/2016 - 05:49

Yesterday, Tony Clement dropped out of the Conservative leadership race and Chris Alexander dropped in. The Conservative ranks are teeming with ambition. But ambition is expensive. Brent Rathgeber writes:

Running for the leadership of a Canadian political party is no modest undertaking. Including the registration fee and a subsequent charge for access to the membership list, it costs $100,000 to play.

But that’s only the beginning. Canada is a big country. Given that the leadership contest is weighted — that is, the 338 electoral districts are each assigned an equal number of points in the final vote — it’s important that serious candidates at least show up in most ridings and regions. That’s a lot of flights, a lot of hotel rooms.
In the end, it's money that will determine who will leave and who will go. And money is tied to an MP's record. Clement's Achilles Heel was his record:

He will never be able to walk back the reputation he picked up during the 2010 G8 Summit. Clement was in charge of a $50 million infrastructure program intended to reduce border congestion; some of the money was used to build parks, walkways and gazebos in Clement’s riding in advance of the summit. To a lot of people, he’ll always be ‘Gazebo Tony’.

Although that pork barrel episode probably guaranteed his re-election as MP in Ontario Lake Country, it also destroyed his credibility with fiscal conservatives across the nation.
Clement is only the first contender to drop out. There will be others. It's impossible at this point to guess who will be the last person standing.

Image: Huffington Post

The Final Meltdown of the Monster Donald Trump

Montreal Simon - Thu, 10/13/2016 - 04:37

As we all know Donald Trump is now unshackled, going after the Democrats and the Republicans.

And of course trying to smear Bill Clinton, even though he's not running for anything.

But Trump's desperate attempts to deflect attention off his reputation as a sexual predator seems seem to be backfiring spectacularly.

Because now he's been hit by another sordid scandal.
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