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Ezra Levant's Doubly Disastrous Day of Reckoning

Montreal Simon - il y a 1 heure 41 min

I'm sorry I wasn't able to check out Ezra Levant's reaction to the latest court judgement against him.

Because I'm sure it must have been priceless. 

Sun News Network host Ezra Levant has been ordered to pay $80,000 in damages for libeling a Saskatchewan lawyer in a series of “reckless” blog posts, according to a Superior Court decision released Thursday evening.

But I'm not surprised that he's reacting like that ghastly bully always does. Portraying himself as a martyr.

And begging for money...
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The Battle for Burnaby Mountain and Kinder Morgan's Day of Defeat

Montreal Simon - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 19:37

They have gathered on Burnaby Mountain to try to prevent the giant energy company Kinder Morgan from drilling a hole through its heart.

Dozens of young and old activists have been arrested.

But today they won a big court victory, and Kinder Morgan got a big slap in the face.
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Charities And Political Activities

Politics and its Discontents - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 16:51

I am not a lawyer, but I post the following information for those who are, and for those deeply offended by the Harper government's ongoing attacks on non-profits that dare question the regime's wisdom while giving a free ride to right-wing entities whose ideology matches that of our overlords.

Here is the CRA policy statement on the difference between political purposes and charitable purposes (Reference number CPS-022):
All registered charities are required by law to have exclusively charitable purposes. As the Act does not define what is charitable, we look to the common law for both a definition of charity in its legal sense as well as the principles to guide us in applying that definition.[Footnote 2] The formal objectives or goals of a charity must be set out in its governing documents.

Under the Act and common law, an organization established for a political purpose cannot be a charity. The courts have determined political purposes to be those that seek to:

-further the interests of a particular political party; or support a political party or candidate for public office; or
-retain, oppose, or change the law, policy, or decision of any level of government in Canada or a foreign country.

The main reason why the courts rule out political purposes for charities is a result of the requirement that a purpose is only charitable if it generates a public benefit. A political purpose, such as seeking a ban on deer hunting, requires a charity to enter into a debate about whether such a ban is good, rather than providing or working towards an accepted public benefit.

It also means that in order to assess the public benefit of a political purpose, a court would have to take sides in a political debate. In Canada, political issues are for Parliament to decide, and the courts are reluctant to encroach on this sovereign authority (other than when a constitutional issue arises).[Footnote 3]

It is important to remember that although the stated purposes of an organization are the obvious source of reference of whether or not an organization is constituted exclusively for charitable purposes, it is not the sole indicator. The Canada Revenue Agency also takes into account the activities that the organization is currently engaged in as a potential indicator of whether it has since adopted other purposesTo a mere layman such as I am, something smells very, very rotten in the state of Harperland.

Anyone up for taking this on?
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A Swift Kick In the Nuts for Kinder Morgan

The Disaffected Lib - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 15:22

The worm has turned - for now.  Pipeline giant, Kinder Morgan was in court today only to be sent packing.   The court refused an application to extend the company's injunction against protesters at the two drilling sites on Burnaby Mountain.  That means the company has to be off the mountain by December 1st.

Better yet, due to errors in the enforcement of the company's injunction, the judge threw out all civil contempt charges laid so far.

Among those who stood up to defy Kinder Morgan and be arrested was Grand Chief Stewart Philip of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs.

"If push comes to shove, " Phillip said, "I'd be arrested in solidarity."He spoke about how the future of his 15 grandchildren are at stake."I will once again be arrested. This is not the first time," he said."It is a matter of principle."

TransCanada astroturfers

Creekside - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 14:51
TransCanada has dumped its US pr firm Edelman 10 days after the Greenpeace leak of documents outlining their joint dodgy strategy to use third party front groups to aggressively attack opponents of the Energy East pipeline and do and say what “TransCanada can’t" :
"TransCanada immediately denied it had implemented those tactics, which were widely criticized."The leaked docs - some adorned with the TransCanada logo - date back to May and include various tactics for targeting opponents like Council of Canadians using forty Edelman employees and nine TransCanada staffers.

TransCanada referred to the "controversy" as "a distraction" and said they would like a do over now please : "We are therefore starting a fresh conversation."

"In the current environment, we can't have the respectful conversation that we want to have with Canadians and Quebecers about Energy East," TransCanada spokesman Tim Duboyce said Wednesday in a release. h/t CBCQuite. 

About Edelman's astroturfing, which they describe as "third party support" and "an echo chamber of aligned voices"...
Edelman's pointman for TransCanada "Grassroots Advocacy Vision" astroturf is Mike Krempasky from their DC office. As documented by Greenpeace, Mr.Krempasky - Tea Party promoter and co-founder of - previously had a pretty good run using fake grassroots paid bloggers in their folksy Wal-Marting Across America campaign before one was outed as working for the US Treasury and another a staffer at Washington Post.
Greenpeace astroturf backgrounder :"Krempasky’s Energy East “Pressure” team includes Brian McNeill ... director of opposition research for Senator John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign. McNeill made national news when it was revealed that he was one of three Edelman employees who were authoring all of the blogs ..." on another Wal-Mart fluffer campaign. Meanwhile ...
"Edelman was paid $51.9 million to run the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) public relations campaign, which has involved Edelman managing multiple websites and online advertising efforts asking officials to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, support tax deductions for the oil industry and expand access for drilling on public lands.
Central to this strategy is the pro-oil group Energy Citizens”, which was unveiled as an API-sponsored astroturf group by Greenpeace USA. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers recently launched its own version of Energy Citizens in Canada."So despite CEO Richard Edelman statement in August In response to separate allegations regarding their work with climate change deniers that :
"We do not work with astroturf groups"let's have a quick look at Energy Citizens Canada, launched by CAPP, and presumed sister site to the US Energy Citizens, launched by the American Petroleum Institute in 2009.

So far the Canadian version seems to be mostly about harvesting emails of future possible tarsands flufferbots.
As encouragement, the Citizen Spotlight Energy Citizens page profiles Energy Citizens Brittany Allison and Hardave Birk.
Brittany Allison was "a Policy Researcher in the Prime Minister’s Office in Ottawa" and a "Research Officer in the B.C. Legislature in Victoria", prior to her work as Public Affairs Advisor for Fraser Surrey Docks LP, "working to gain federal approval for a coal expansion project".
Currently Ms Allison is Manager of the astroturf tarsands site, British Columbians for Prosperitybtw Is CBC Power and Politics regular Alise Mills still the "Media Relations Director" for BC4P?
Will she still write columns for 24 Hours, just bought out by PostMedia, with the bi-line :
"Alise Mills is a political commentator who speaks for British Columbians for Prosperity. Visit"
The only other Citizen Spotlight candidate so far is former President of University of Calgary Students Union, Hardave Birk, whose's bio notes he is legislative assistant to Senator Doug Black.
While in no way a reflection upon Mr. Birk, this seems as good a time as any to remind ourselves that prior to becoming Senator Black, Doug Black was president of industry lobby group Energy Policy Institute of Canada, or EPIC, where he worked with vice-chairs Bruce Carson, Gerry Protti and Daniel Gagnier on a national energy program representing their 38 energy member organizations including TransCanada and CAPP.
Two years ago EPIC put out a presser taking credit for how they have shaped current Con policy on property rights, pipelines, public participation, and First Nations :"Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver announced legislative changes that would put EPIC's recommendations into federal law. Regulatory changes within omnibus Bill C-38 reflect recommendations of EPIC surrounding regulatory streamlining." "You are the secret sauce," Doug Black once wrote to Bruce Carson, whose trial on illegal lobbying and influence peddling will not begin till September next year.
More Insider Tarsands Astroturf.  We are awash in the stuff.. 

They Said What?

Politics and its Discontents - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 14:41
Funny how right-wing non-profits with charitable status can be political whenever they want with no fear of tax audits, whereas those with progressive credentials are singled out repeatedly by the Harper regime for special attention from the CRA.

Take as an example The Frontier Centre for Public Policy, a right-wing entity that is calling on governments to rethink Canada's child labour rules in an effort to get more young Canadians into the workforce.

Specifically, the Centre's brain trust, apparently of a decidedly Dickensian disposition, has deemed certain labour rules as "rather unnecessary."
Which rules exactly? The Frontier Centre lists a few to reconsider:

-"Children under 12 are almost never allowed to work."

-"In Alberta, 12- to 14-year olds are forbidden from working more than two hours on a school day."

-"Minimum wage laws also make it more difficult for young people with no experience to find their first job."

-As FCPP policy analyst Brianna Heinrichs explained in an accompanying Regina Leader-Post opinion piece, "age rules and a minimum wage can stifle young potential workers seeking either independence or some pocket change."

-"Hampering young Canadians from having a job is robbing them of opportunity," Heinrichs added. "People should not coddle children until they are of age and then act disgusted when young adults express a sense of entitlement or cannot find a job due to lack of experience."As touching as their concern for young people might be, there are many who feel that dismantling child labour laws would be, shall we say, counterproductive. Says the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour's Kent Peterson:
"Labour laws are a good thing. They protect us, they protect our children, and they ensure corporations – and their cheerleaders such as the Frontier Centre – cannot exploit and abuse workers just to make a few more pennies of cheap profit."Should you feel so moved, you can listen to the Frontier Centre's podcast on this subject here.

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Retail Canada.

A Creative Revolution - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 12:42

I am taking myself off the telephone today. It is that, or throw it against a wall, and it really is not the phones fault. (And I would need to buy a new one)

I decided to order a couple things today, because that time is coming soon....We arent going all out even, just a couple carefully selected items.

So. Canadian Tire? You suck BIG TIME. None of your departments at my local store even answer the phone. Voice mail? Bite me.  I am not driving for half an hour there, and then ha;f an hour home, when a supposedly easy phone call should be possible. 

One down. 

Sears? Oh, you get the most exuberant BITE me. First off......Yanno why Sears is facing total annihilation? One reason is Offshoring. Lets start there. I was connected to the Philippines. Not these peoples fault, they are offered jobs and no one can fault them a bit for taking them. 

But heres the thing? All of these jobs that were taken from Canadians, take money from Canadian pockets. It aint rocket science. So now, no one can afford to shop at Sears anyway.

Retail Canada? You do it to yourselves with every shitty backorder, job cut, and crappy service experience with poor people in other countries working at jobs that used to pay for families here, that have to listen to us rant and rave. 

Happy Christmas, and you deserve every shitty bankruptcy that comes your way. 

Amazon? I have been really avoiding them. But I see why people go there. 



Want to Stop Climate Change? Here's How.

The Disaffected Lib - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 11:22
Easy as pie.  Easy, peasy.  All we have to do is tweak a few laws.

New law.  Matters relating to climate change and including claims for consequential human suffering and loss shall no longer be protected by the laws of limited liability but shall extend to investors personally, either as lenders, shareholders or as corporate directors, jointly and severally.

Don't just pierce the corporate veil, shred it into tatters.  For this one, civilization-threatening crisis, you're on the hook, personally, for every last cent you have. The corporate fiction was intended to facilitate commerce, not to destroy mankind.  What was meant to serve us now exists to ruin us.  We made it, we can remake it.

Why Blockadia Matters

The Disaffected Lib - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 11:13

You may not be familiar with the notion of "Blockadia."  It's an umbrella term for the loosely connected 'web of campaigns standing up to the fossil fuel' industry.  The protesters getting arrested daily on Burnaby Mountain, standing in defiance of Kinder Morgan - that's an example of Blockadia.  It's an idea captured in the documentary, "Blockadia Rising: Voices of the Tar Sands Blockade."

It seems to be disproportionately a battle that pits old versus young.  It's old white men like Stephen Harper, Mitch McConnell, Leatherback Joe Oliver, in pursuit of the maximum extraction of fossil fuels against young people of all descriptions, the people who will have to live with the impacts the old bastards are bequeathing them.  From this generational divide it's easy for those old bastards who manipulate the levers of power to denounce as radicals and extremists those who seek nothing more than to defend the future world they'll have to inhabit from those so eager to ruin it.

If you harbour even some doubt that these protesters might actually be extremists and radicals you have a dangerously weak grasp of just what is happening.  You need to open your eyes.  You need to think and you need to see the world of the near future that our young people will have to experience.

For the sake of this journey let's begin with the recent report from the World Bank whose researchers have concluded that we have already passed into a state of irreversible climate change.  Given the greenhouse gases we've already put into the atmosphere, we're "locked in" to at least 1.5C of global warming.  At this point we usually nod off and yet this is the beginning point of our discussion. Let's focus on 1.5C and what it means.  As I wrote yesterday:

...bear in mind ...that what we're dealing with already - the droughts, flash flooding, the severe storm events, the Polar Vortex and such is the result of just 0.8 degrees Celsius warming we have already experienced since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  Just 0.8C, about half the 1.5C warming the World Bank research says we have already 'locked in.'  Just half. 

Something else even more important to bear in mind.  We are - today - November, 2014 - effectively at 1.5C.  The greenhouse gas emissions that will warm the planet by 1.5C are already at work in the atmosphere.  It will take years, decades before those highly persistent gases drive the planetary temperature to 1.5C but that's just a question of time.  That's a situation we have already created even if we only have to deal with 0.8C ourselves.  It's a gift that just keeps on giving for quite a while - decades, generations - to come.

So, we're effectively at 1.5C today.  But we're not done, are we?  No, we're going to continue to emit ever larger volumes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for years to come, with or without international agreements.  In reality our kids and theirs aren't going to have to ride out the severe weather events that 1.5C will bring because, by continuing to add ever more greenhouse gases, our stubborn refusal to decarbonize,  they won't be lucky enough to have to deal with just 1.5C.  They're more likely looking at somewhere between 3C or, quite possibly, even 4C.  And that's the wheel of fortune we're spinning for them right now.

Here's something else to keep in mind.  It's not our great, great, great, great-grandchildren who might have to deal with very great threats. It's our own children - mine and yours - for whom this will be by far the most significant influence in their lives.  That will be with them forever and they'll have to confront it at different levels for the rest of their lives.  For their children, however, your grandchildren or great-grandchildren, well they'll be born into it. It's all they'll ever know.  And that's the world we're building for them today, one for which they may well bitterly curse us.

Here's the deal.  We brought our children into this world.  We are responsible for the world we pass to them.  We have to understand that those young people being arrested on Burnaby Mountain are fighting for their right to exist in a livable world.  To reptilian bastards like Joe Oliver his right to flog the world's highest cost/highest carbon synthetic oil trumps their right to life.  They're fighting to prevent the already locked in 1.5C from becoming 2.5C or 4.0C and they know their very future depends on preventing that.  They're in a fight that they ask for, a struggle they never deserved to face.

Rick Repudiates Economic Action Plan Ads

Politics and its Discontents - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 09:39
Dishonest and manipulative, such taxpayer-funded government propaganda deservedly earns the scorn of Rick Mercer:

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The New (Old) Victim Shame Game…

Left Over - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 09:37
Whistler rape posters pulled after making bar patrons uncomfortable Howe Sound Women’s Centre has agreed to change its campaign after complaints from bar owners

By Jesara Sinclair, CBC News Posted: Nov 26, 2014 10:59 AM PT Last Updated: Nov 26, 2014 10:59 AM PT

The article itself was a bit of a nonentity, but  reading the comments was  extremely revealing..

The CBC media online has more than its share of nickle a comment trolls, but this truly surpassed expectations for sheer defensiveness, not to mention offensiveness..equal to or greater than anything that poster could have engendered..

Below is my reply to one of the worst ones,  after he stated that anyone going drinking in a pub or club in Whistler is there for sex, full stop..and then followed up with instructions on how not to dress or act if  you didn’t want to be treated like a potential victim

You are a wonderful apologist for men’s bad behaviour…have you read the rationale of fundamentalist Islamists for the treatment of women? The whole argument is based on the idea that women are mindless temptresses, who ‘seduce’ men by (gasp!) showing their hair, or wearing ‘immodest’ clothing…apparently men are incapable of controlling themselves around women, They are then all a bunch of potential rapists who need to be treated like idiots, and women are at fault if men can’t control themselves…well, you can see where this is going..

Stop victim blaming. Women have the right to wear whatever they choose, and the right to expect to be treated like equals..if a man has tight jeans on, do you feel the urge to forcibly have sex with him?  Ooh, especially if he is so drunk that he can barely resist? No? Then think about your ‘arguments’ that it is a woman’s fault if she is assaulted.

New column day

accidentaldeliberations - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 07:32
Here, on the growing (and increasingly interconnected) movement to save our local and global environment alike from fossil fuel extraction.

For further reading...
- The latest pipeline under discussion is of course TransCanada's Energy East. And it's worth countering the message from Brad Wall (amplified by Murray Mandryk here) that our only choices are to approve one pipeline to facilitate tar sands extraction, or to use even more dangerous means to do just as much damage to our planet.
- Meanwhile, Mitchell Anderson discusses how public resources are being used to favour Kinder Morgan's interests over those of the public on Burnaby Mountain.
- PressProgress points out how the Cons have made pipelines into a toxic issue with many Canadians. And West Coast Native News examines the history of oil spills in Saskatchewan.
- Finally Linda McQuaig comments on the vital role of government in moving us to a cleaner economy - as well as the sad reality that the Cons are instead pushing us backwards.

Governments and Climate Change

Northern Reflections - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 06:13

Our present masters would have us believe that markets are the sine qua non of human existence. Conversely, they claim that government is the bane of human existence. They see its purpose as enslavement. It is, they say -- always and everywhere -- a threat to human freedom.

But history proves, Linda McQuaig writes, that markets have never developed new technologies. In fact, it has been government which has -- again and again -- supported their development:

In fact, virtually all previous major technological breakthroughs have started with heavy government involvement and financial support, notes technology professor Mariana Mazzucato in The Entrepreneurial State. Only after the state has made the initial, high-risk investments are corporations and venture capitalists willing to put their timid toes into turbulent water.

Mazzucato describes the state’s pivotal role in developing the computer industry, the Internet, nanotech, biotech, the emerging green tech sector — even the logarithm that was crucial to the success to Google.

“In all these cases, the State dared to think — against all odds — about the ‘impossible’: creating a new technological opportunity, making the initial large necessary investments, enabling a decentralized network of actors to carry out the risky research, and then allowing the development and commercialization process to occur in a dynamic way.”
And governments are critical to solving the problem of climate change -- because only governments can afford to nurture and develop green technology:

“Energy markets are dominated by some of the largest and most powerful companies on the planet, which are generally not driven to innovate …” notes Mazzucato. “Leaving direction setting to ‘the market’ only ensures that the energy transition will be put off until fossil fuel prices reach economy-wrecking highs.”

The truth is we already have solar-powered and electric cars that we could all be driving. Imagine if we also had a government that used taxes or subsidies to reduce the cost of a green car to about half the cost of a regular gas-guzzler, and ensured recharging stations for these green vehicles were as common as gas stations.

Imagine if we had a government that actively co-operated with other nations in addressing the climate challenge, and communicated to the Canadian public that it considered fighting climate change as big a priority as fighting Islamic State.
Of course, the Harper government has no intention of doing any of these things. Oil greases everything they do. And government, they say, is a dragon to be slain.

Stephen Harper and the Porky Action Plan From Hell

Montreal Simon - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 05:32

Well I see Stephen Harper is leaving the country again today, this time to attend the Francophone Summit in Senegal. 

Which as you may or may not know is the greatest collection of corrupt dictators in the whole wide world.

But that's not the only reason he's going.

He is no doubt also fleeing Canada so he doesn't have to answer any more embarrassing questions about his latest and most disgusting Porky Action Plan.
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Where YOU Get to be the Judge of the Con Clown Awards

Montreal Simon - jeu, 11/27/2014 - 02:25

As you know I've been having a bit of trouble lately trying to decide who should be awarded my monthly weekly daily Con Clown Award.

There are just so many candidates, starting with Great Leader, who deserve it so much.

And today it was just too hard, and too dark in Harperland, for me to make up my mind. 

So I'm going to have to ask you my beloved readers, to decide who should receive that award.
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#walmartstrikers + international buy nothing day = don't shop at walmart

we move to canada - mer, 11/26/2014 - 16:00
I don't know when people starting calling the day after US Thanksgiving "Black Friday," but the expression has become synonymous with over-consumption, empty consumer culture, and the bizarre importance assigned to hunting for bargains.

And what a bargain it is: a multibillion-dollar corporation sells a piece of crappy future landfill at an artificially low price by manufacturing it halfway around the globe with child labour, dumping toxins into the environment, and paying its own customers sub-living wages. In return, consumers agree to see nothing and know nothing except the price sticker. It's a deal that is devouring our planet, and our souls.

Those low, low prices on Black Friday are partly subsidized by Walmart employees, who earn crap wages, can't get full-time work, and are harassed and intimidated when speak up about their working conditions. This year, as in 2013 and 2012, Walmart workers will go on strike to demand change. And you can help them. Here's how.

First: don't shop at Walmart this holiday season.

Second: let Walmart know that you are boycotting their stores because of their unfair labour policies.

And third, if you're in the US: drop by a Walmart on Friday, November 28, to cheer on the strikers.

Even if you don't see a protest at your local Walmart, you can still participate: bring a sign saying that you support the workers fighting for fair pay and respect. Snap a selfie, and tweet it with the #walmartstrikers hashtag.

Feeling camera-shy? Write a letter a store manager. Walmart tracks every one of these actions, and collectively, they have a huge impact.

Go here for tips, instructions, and legalities. (In some states, there are legal injunctions against protesting in front of stores.)

For more on International Buy Nothing Day, Amy Mendoza, on xojane, gives us five reasons to buy nothing on Friday, December 28.

And Speaking Of Police Brutality

Politics and its Discontents - mer, 11/26/2014 - 14:47
The following video is difficult to watch, but the sad truth is that these kinds of outrages occur regularly, as a simple Internet search will show.
A witness says that Denver police officers abused a pregnant woman and her boyfriend, and then tried to cover it up by deleting the video from his tablet.

Levi Frasier told KDVR that he was recording as two uniformed officers tried to arrest David Flores, who had been identified by narcotics officers for possessing heroin. An arrest report said that a scuffle had started because Flores had stuffed a white sock in his mouth, which the officers believed was filled with drugs.

KDVR investigative reporter Chris Halsne noted that a close examination of the video showed Flores’ head repeatedly “bouncing off the pavement as a result of the force” of being punched by the officers. In photos that were later taken of Flores in an ambulance, his head could be seen soaked with blood from his injuries.
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UPDATE to "Without Going into Details"

Dammit Janet - mer, 11/26/2014 - 14:33
I just about broke the blog trying to update the post on reaction to the partial defunding by Ontario Trillium Foundation of a fake clinic. I have no idea what I did but I undid it and am trying this instead.

Our Number One Fan, in addition to stalking, runs a sideline in conspiracy theories, shared by SUZY ALLCAPS.

Here's what SHE quoted from his blogpost:
Andrea Cohen Barrack [CEO, Ontario Trillium Foundation] just “happens” to be the Chair of the International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region!
Plain text for the usual reason of juvenile redirects on hyperlinks:

Sooooooo. You see what that means, don't you?

Our pal Balbulican clearly did.
Wow! What a scoop! Obviously evidence of...uh, a highly skilled, active and much sought after woman who's active in not-for-profit Canada?

Just so you know, my conspiratorial little friend, Andrea is also a senior adviser to the mildly conservative C.D. Howe Institute, Vice Chair of the Roger's School of Management at Ryerson University, a lecturer at U of T.
And indeed, Ms Barrack is a hella accomplished gal.

Goddess bless Balbulican for his futile but funny interactions with Canada's BIGGEST Fetus Fetishist.

Just Because It Says "Peer Reviewed" Doesn't Make It So.

The Disaffected Lib - mer, 11/26/2014 - 14:14
It used to be that research that had been peer reviewed represented the gold standard in credibility.  Prestigious journals would accept papers, subject them to rigorous peer review, and then, if they were upheld, publish them.

Now, however, there's a new breed of journal where bogus research claiming to be peer reviewed can be published - for a fee.  They're called "predatory journals" and they'll publish, as peer reviewed, just about anything if the price is right.

Anything?  Wait for it.

Consider the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology.  Sounds stuffy enough to be legit, eh?  Apparently - at least until David Mazieres of NYU in collaboration with UCLA's Eddie Kohler submitted a paper entitled "Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List" that consisted of ten pages repeating the phrase, again and again and again.  The GMOYFML mantra was supported by diagrams such as this:

So, what happened when Mazieres and Kohler submitted their paper to the IJACT?  The journal contacted the authors, informed them their paper had passed peer review and was ready for publication and then asked them to forward $150. Dave and Eddie decided to give that one a pass and so you'll never find their wonderfully researched paper in the IJACT.

India Doing Its Bit to Burn the Planet

The Disaffected Lib - mer, 11/26/2014 - 12:23

Forget about China.  The greatest driver of runaway global warming may be India.  While the EU, the US and China are gearing up for major cuts in CO2 emissions, India is heading in the other direction and fast.

"India's development imperatives cannot be sacrificed at the altar of potential climate changes many years in the future," India's power minister, Piyush Goyal, said at a recent conference in New Delhi in response to a question. "The West will have to recognise we have the needs of the poor."Goyal has promised to double India's use of domestic coal from 513 million metric tons last year by 2019, and he is trying to sell coal-mining licenses as swiftly as possible after years of delay. The government has signaled that it may denationalise commercial coal mining to accelerate extraction."India is the biggest challenge in global climate negotiations, not China," said Durwood Zaelke, president of the Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development. ...But India's coal rush could push the world past the brink of irreversible climate change, with India among the worst affected, scientists say.Indian cities are already the world's most polluted, with Delhi's air almost three times more toxic than Beijing's by one crucial measure.Irreversible climate change?  We're already long past that point.  That horse has left the barn - for good.  Even the World Bank gets it, warning this week that we're already "locked in" to 1.5C of warming, climate change and all the extreme weather disasters that will create.  Believe it or not, that's a pretty conservative assessment.  Bear in mind that the World Bank assessment isn't based on any future emissions.  They're working on the greenhouse gases we've already released to the atmosphere, not what we're going to be adding next year or by mid-century or even further in the future.  In other words what India has in mind, Canada too for that matter, is simply going to add to that 1.5C projection.  And it's our dollar short/day late attitude that invests most western peoples that will at least double if not treble that forecast by 2100.

Another point to bear in mind is that what we're dealing with already - the droughts, flash flooding, the severe storm events, the Polar Vortex and such is the result of just 0.8 degrees Celsius of warming we have already experienced since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  Just 0.8C, about half of the 1.5C warming the World Bank research says we've already 'locked in.'  Just half.


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